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About me

А Macedonian-based software engineer, consultant, entrepreneur and eco activist. Founder of Moja Firma DOOEL and AirCare. My job is to help you make great apps, teams and speeches.

I've given over 50 public talks on a range of different topics, including my own TED talk, and have learned first hand the magic to a good speech. Worked as a IT manager at Booking.com's HQ in Amsterdam, leading over 10 technology teams, and know what makes or breaks a team. And finally, I've launched my own startup called AirCare that has over 200k users around the world, that's been featured by Forbes, Google, NASA, the UN and the Guardian.

My expertise

Public Speaking

Who better to help you on stage, then a TED speaker? I've given over 50 public presentations for various audiences and topics, and even my very own TED talk. Thus, I can help you overcome stage fright, structure a speech, work on slide content, your body language, how to interact with the audience, leave a memorable call to action and much more. Be a rockstar of the stage!

Suitable for: Corporate and startup training, or personal sessions. Duration: 2 days to 5 days

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IT Consulting

With over 10 years of IT industry experience, creating customer facing products for millions of users, and as the founder of AirCare, I can set your product and team on the right track. Together with your team, I'll consult you on UX/UI design, your technology choices, how to create an MVP, user testing, feedback loops and the right team processes, so you can make your project a success!

Suitable for: Corporates, startups or personal projects. Duration: 1 hour to 3 months

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Team Training

Having been a manager of over 10 IT teams of devs, designers, product owners and testers at Booking.com, I personally know what makes and breaks a team. Using my experience, I'll set you and your team up for success. Together, we'll work on your agile team processes, communication channels and techniques, working ethic, stakeholder management, timeline and milestone creation, KPIs, tools, team buildings, psychological safety and more.

Suitable for: Whole teams, groups of team managers/leaders or individuals. Duration: 2 days to 2 weeks

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My startup with 200k users, that helps you know what you breathe
TED Talk
My TED talk about the impact AirCare makes around the world
Manager of 10+ IT teams at Booking.com HQ in Amsterdam
A web directory of all Macedonian volunteer organizations
An app to help find lost, and adopt new pets in Macedonia
A mentor in the UX/UI design academy of Brainster
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